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Haim Mazor Adv. Law office

Attorney at Law Mr. Haim Mazor has extensive experience in Real-Estate. He is representing homeowners and home sellers. His practice provides legal services to private and commercial clients in Israel, with much of the client base from the greater Tel Aviv metropolitan area, including Ramat Gan, Givataim, Kiryat-Ono, Hod-Hasharon, Hertzelia, Ramat-HaSharon and Rosh-Ha'ayin. A high standard of service as well as excellent interpersonal skills have been a benchmark of the varied legal services that Mr. Mazor practice provides.

Mr. Mazor practice is rich in experience in the purchase and selling of first-hand and second-hand Real-Estate. Special legal expertise is offered in cases in which construction has exceeding build permits. With a deep understanding in the fields of planning and construction, and with much experience in appearing before local municipalities and planning committees, Mr. Mazor assists clients involved in various legal disputes pertaining to construction and licensing in reducing fines and penalties, and in eliminating them altogether. His office provides solutions in various Real-Estate transactions by advising on the various intricacies of Tax Law such as betterment levy, sale tax, and purchase tax. As a Real-Estate attorney, Mr. Mazor is in contact with many of the country's prominent appraisers, who advise him in dealing with the local authorities in reducing the betterment levy. In these cases, it is often necessary to submit appeals and litigate in the municipality court.


Our Israeli Law firm offers legal assistance to companies and individuals in need of legal services that require a Real-Estate lawyer in Israel. The firm provides legal representation to it's clients, in most types of real estate transactions and litigation. We are committed to quality and communication as to secured confidentiality

Commercial real estate transactions, choose a lawyer expert in commercial real estate. To arrange a meeting filled with details and we will contact you shortly